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Our team of electrical contractors, located in Windermere FL, specializes on the installation and maintenance of electric vehicle charging stations. Our focus extends to a diverse array of charging solutions–ranging from level 3, level 2, to level 1 chargers–meticulously tailored to meet your distinctive requirements. Our team will handle all the paperwork, electrical modifications and installation. We’ll ensure that your retail business or home has a reliable charging station. Discover our extensive services including repairs and maintenance to ensure your EV chargers are always performing at their best. Contact us to learn more about installing a charging station that is tailored for your vehicle or upgrading the capacity.

Rapid Charging Solutions for Windermere Residents

Rapid charging, which harnesses the power of direct current (DC), is a game changer for extending the range of electric cars. The latest Level 3 standard for fast charging can charge up to 350 kilowatts in less than 30 minutes. This allows eligible vehicles to go hundreds of miles. Fast charging is not just about speed. It also helps EV drivers who are embarking on long journeys to reduce range anxiety. Our Level 2 and level 3 charging stations will optimize the range of your vehicle, bringing a new age to worry-free electric driving.

Tesla-Certified Wall Connectors & Cutting-edge Installations in Windermere, FL

We are experts in the installation and sale of Tesla Wall Connector Charger Devices as authorized electrical contractors. Our team of certified professionals is able to navigate the complexities of securing permits, and implementing electrical improvements that meet Tesla’s strict criteria. With a decade-long legacy in crafting EV charging stations, we guarantee that Tesla Wall Connectors not only meet but exceed all specifications–ensuring the fastest and most convenient charging experience. Tesla Wall Connectors are the perfect solution for any installation, upgrade, or repair.

EV Chargers Level 2 for Home & Business – Increasing Efficiency

Our Level 2 EV chargers can charge vehicles up to 5 times faster than a standard wall outlet. Our complete electrical services include licensing, circuit creation and hardware installation. We also provide precise wiring connections as well as software/network configuration. Our licensed electricians will ensure that the installation is not only compliant with the regulations, but also runs safely. Learn about our Level 2 EV charger installation services for Windermere residents.

Windermere Residents to Receive EV Charging Stations That are Tailored to Their Needs

We offer expert guidance and installation of Level 2 charging stations in Windermere garages. Our electricians are certified and will guide you through the entire process, from electrical upgrades to maintenance programs. They ensure strict compliance with local codes and manufacturer’s regulations. Installing a home EV charge might increase the value of your home. Contact us for a customized electric vehicle charging system.

Windermere Businesses Can Now Benefit from Level 3 Commercial Charging Stations

We cater to Windermere companies, meeting the needs of their employees, fleets and customers. We handle all technical aspects, from obtaining permits to estimating electrical load and installing network connectivity. Contact us to get a detailed assessment and recommendations, whether you only need one charger or an entire infrastructure.

Installing EV Charging Stations With Care

Our top priority is safety. Our electricians are certified and undergo extensive training in electric vehicle systems. This ensures that every step is performed according to the established procedures. We follow all federal, state and municipal regulations. Trust in experienced electrical contractors with EV infrastructure to build your charging stations precisely, minimizing any potential risks.

Florida Electric Vehicle Owners Can Benefit from a Variety of Programs

Electric vehicle owners in Florida can take advantage of a variety of incentives. Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, for example, offers rebates to install Level 2 chargers. Discover special prices for charging off-peak and take advantage of federal tax credits up to $7500 for new electric cars. Connect with us to learn more about the many incentive programs that are available. Take advantage of these discounts to accelerate the return on investment for your electric vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

People Also Ask:

You can plug your electric vehicle into multiple types of outlets. You may plug your EV into standard 120v outlets or 240v home dryer outlets. Voltages above these are for commercial usages. It is worth mentioning of course, the higher the voltage of the outlet, the faster your vehicle will charge.

EV charging station installations should be carried out by licensed professionals as custom electrical work can be highly dangerous and improper installations or wiring can become dangerous or cause damage to electrical systems.

Depending on what level of charging station you are looking to have installed you may have to have an additional breaker installed if your home does not have the necessary components for your chosen EV charging station. Some homes may need the proper breaker installation for level 2 charging stations.

Charging times may vary depending on the electric vehicle make, the maximum charging rates, and battery capacities. Level 2 charging stations may charge an electric vehicle in approximately 9 hours.

Depending on the construction of your home and current electrical system, you may need an upgrade or additional breaker installed for your particular EV charger installation. In some cases, you may already have the necessary components and connections to make installation more simple and not require additional breakers or upgrades.

Yes, you may safely charge your EV in your garage. Many homeowners have their charging stations installed inside of their garages and charge their electric cars inside of their garages. 

The main consideration should be to ensure that your electric vehicle is close to the installed charger as you may be limited to the length of the charging cable.

If you own an electric vehicle installing an EV charging station would allow you to enjoy the full experience of an EV ownership. Charging your electric vehicle at home is not only very convenient but it is also less costly and more reliable than charging your vehicle on the road in many cases. 

In most cases, charging your EV at home is the cheapest option as you avoid paying per charge at commercial establishments. Some electric vehicles can become quite costly when primarily or only charging while on the road as charging stations may be limited and may be more expensive when compared to pumping gas in a standard vehicle.

You may install a level 1 or level 2 charging station in your home. Level 3 is normally reserved for commercial applications. A level 2 charger is significantly faster at charging and is more efficient as well. We recommend a level 2 charger for those who will utilize their EV often or drive longer distances more regularly.

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Brad Helmer
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Was on time and very professional. The technician did an amazing job! Highly recommend for your EV charger install.
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Orlando Homeowner
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They did a great job installing my level 2 EV charger in my garage. Now I can charge my new EV at home. It's great! Recommend!
Roxanne Koomy
Casselberry Homeowner
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Awesome company. My charger was installed very quickly and I am satisfied with the installation. It's great having my own charger right at my home!

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